NBA 2K23 Bikes Where to Buy and How to Equip

Don’t know where to buy bikes in NBA 2K23? We’ve got you covered! NBA 2K23 has just been released and fans are jumping right into the action, ready to explore all the new features the next instalment of the popular basketball game has to offer. Of course, the city is back, inviting you for another year of NBA 2K adventures. The city features an all-new layout, affiliation zones, new POIs, and much more. Given how big the city is currently you might one to use a BMX bike to ride around the city as you explore all the new locations. In this guide, we pinpoint the exact location where to buy a bike in the city. Also, we explain how to equip a bike in NBA 2K23.

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NBA 2K23 Bikes Where to Buy and How to Equip
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Where to Buy and How to Equip Bikes in NBA 2K23

It doesn’t matter if you are a pro athlete and in great shape. If you can get somewhere faster while spending less energy to do that, you will do it. And if you look cool as hell while you are doing it, even better. And what better way to drive around the city than with a good-old BMX bike? In NBA 2K23’s The City, there are several types of rides available to choose from. Of course, they don’t come free, and you’ll need to spend some in-game money for that pleasure.

In order to buy a bike, you’ll need to find the Wheels store in The City. The place is rather easy to find. Nonetheless, just in case, we’ve pinpointed the exact location for you on our map below. When you arrive there, simply interact with the seller. A menu will open where you can purchase a BMX bike. Now, when it comes to equipping the bike, it is even more simple. To equip a bike, simply press L1 while in the city, and a wheel with choices will appear. There, simply select a bike, and you’ll start riding the bike. With that said, our “NBA 2K23 Bikes Where to Buy and How to Equip” guide is completed.

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