NBA 2K23 Control the Narrative Quest Bug Fix

The NBA 2K23 Control the Narrative quest bug fix is actually pretty simple – you just have to complete the mission. Well, that’s easier said than done, considering that the bug is technically the quest marker not appearing. Where are you supposed to go? Don’t worry, that’s exactly what we’ll be showing you in this guide.

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nba 2k23 control the narrative quest bug fix
NBA 2K23 Control the Narrative Quest Bug Fix

How to Fix Control the Narrative Quest in NBA 2K23

To fix the bug preventing you from completing the NBA 2K23 Control the Narrative quest is to go to the local news station and have an interview. Basically, go to One City Plaza and follow the road leading east, then turn the corner. You should see the Local News sign on your right. Walk in, and a cutscene should start playing immediately. Just complete the interview, and the quest should complete. This seems to fix the problem for most people. It appears that the game expects you to go and have the interview, even though you get no mark on the map or anything like that. That’s basically what the bug is, come to think of it. We go the marker just fine.

And there you have it, that’s how you fix the NBA 2K23 Control the Narrative quest bug. If you have any other fixes that also work, let us know in the comments. I’ve seen people also mention that you need to complete the Sports Illustrative Cover quest, the one where you talk to Ashley, and that will complete the quest, too. However, we are not able to verify this. On the other hand, going to the local news station definitely works. This is just one of many interestingly broken quests in this game. Another is Welcome to the League, which we cover in our NBA 2K23 Welcome to the League not Progressing Fix guide.

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  1. S

    Hey I tried going in the local news station and the doors will not open for me. What can I do please

  2. P

    During this quest. Its saying I need to get 1 highlight play. When ever I get a highlight play in the game it does the check off that challenge. So it keeps saying i failed to complete challenge and cannot continue mycareer

    1. S

      Same. I haven’t been able to play for days.

    2. E

      Same, I can not play MC, do you know where I can get help? 🙁

    3. M

      I’m getting same issues..smdh

    4. F
      Fatih Aydin

      Same on me bro. I am really frustrated. Do you got the fix for it allready?

    5. K

      Have you found a fix yet??

  3. M

    Same problem, no 2ksupport…

    Any idea?

  4. D

    Yup, same issue. Pretty lame.

  5. G

    it worked for mw thank you. Took forever

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