NBA 2K23 Courting Calloway Fashion Answers, Yolanda & Sabine

In our NBA 2K23 Courting Calloway Fashion Answers, Yolanda & Sabine guide, we are going to show you all the questions and answers in this fashion quiz. Don’t worry, there’s only three of them, so it’s not difficult to memorize them. So, let’s not beat around the bush and dive straight in.

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nba 2k23 courting calloway fashion answers yolanda and sabine
NBA 2K23 Courting Calloway Fashion Answers, Yolanda & Sabine

NBA 2K23 Courting Calloway Fashion Questions & Answers

You’ll find the questions and answers for the Yolanda and Sabine Courting Calloway fashion quiz in NBA 2K23 in the list below. Be sure to memorize them, because you only have so much time to respond. It’s not too bad overall, but if you’re not much of a fashion person, they can be head-scratchers. Don’t worry too much if you get one of them wrong, though, because you can always start over. Granted, you’ll be subjected to Sabine and Yolanda’s annoying yammering again, but that’s a whole different matter. Anyway, here are the three questions the two fashionistas are going to ask you and what the correct answers are.

  • Q: Who makes the Birkin bag?
    • A: Hermes.
  • Q: Which shoe company was the first to introduce a microchip into their sneakers?
    • A: Adidas.
  • Q: What did the Nike logo originally intend to convey with its look and style?
    • A: Motion.

And there you have it, those are the questions and answers you need to give to Yolanda and Sabine in the NBA 2K23 Courting Calloway fashion quiz. The next step where you can come across some problems during this quest, is when you have to win a H.O.R.S.E. game against Keon. If you’re struggling where to find the two for some reason, we’ll show you their location in the screenshots below. Once you know where they are, there’s no way you can miss them; they really stand out from the crowd. Anyways, if you have any other problems in NBA 2K23, check out some of our other guides. We have articles like Park Matchmaking Location, How to Find Face Scan on App Store, and Contact Dunks Requirements in NBA 2K23.

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