NBA 2K23 Error Code e434de73

The NBA 2K23 error code e434de73 has been causing a lot of trouble for some players. Namely, they just can’t load in certain builds. On the other hand, some characters load without any trouble whatsoever. So, just what is going on and is there anything you can do about it? Well, let’s try and find out together, shall we?

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nba 2k23 error code e434de73
NBA 2K23 Error Code e434de73

NBA 2K23 e434de73 Error Code

First off, why are you getting the e434de73 error code in NBA 2K23. It’s so out of the box, you’re not going to believe me. These are Bethesda levels of incompetence. From what I can gather from the fan base, the main cause for this error is trying to load in a build that has Rodman hair. Yes, really. People that have alternate builds without that particular hair have noticed that those characters never cause the error. But try to use a character with Rodman hair and boom, e434de73 error code. This has started since the latest patch, and I cannot even begin to understand how exactly it’s causing the bug. So, is there anything you can do about it?

As far as we know, there is no fix for the NBA 2K23 e434de73 error code. In some of the previous games in the franchise, you had a chance to edit your character before hopping into the Hood. That would be a super-easy fix. But in 2K23, you load straight into the Hood, which means that there’s no way to take off that Rodman hair. The best you can do is contact 2K support and hope that the devs eventually put out some kind of hotfix. In the meantime, your build with colored hair is pretty much dead. And I wouldn’t hold my breath, because I’m certain most of them are working in 2K24. If you know of any workaround, let us know in the comments. You’ll save plenty of people a major headache.

UPDATE: According to our readers T’Que and Psn:wayvproductions, you can fix this problem by loading into a different build, equip a mascot (like the skeleton) and then quit to the main menu. From there, try to load the problematic build, and it you should be fine. This may not work for everybody. T’Que also says that you can create a new build, go through the story mode and change the hair once you get to the Neighborhood that way. Try both and see whether it works.

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