NBA 2K23 Leadership Skills, How to Unlock Second Skill Slot

Control The Narrative is a quest in NBA 2K23. You need to unlock your Leadership Skills to be able to complete this quest. However, the problem arises when you want to unlock your second skill slot, as the game often refuses to register your Leadership Points which are necessary to do this. College Skills are likewise connected to these. We are going to explain everything you need to know about NBA 2K23 Leadership Skills, including how to use them, how to unlock the Second Skill Slot, and how to unlock College Skills.

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NBA 2K23 Leadership Skills, How to Unlock Second Skill Slot
NBA 2K23 Leadership Skills, How to Unlock Second Skill Slot

How to Use Leadership Skills in NBA 2K23

Leadership Skills are divided into General and Trailblazer skills. These depend on your answers – General are more diplomatic, while Trailblazer are more brash. Once you meet their requirements, you then activate these and gain boosts to your and your teammates’ skills for a short while.

How to Unlock Skill Slot 2 in MyCareer Leadership Skills NBA 2K23

To unlock the second Skill Slot for Leadership Skills in MyCareer, you will need to earn at least 30 skill points. This takes about 10 games to do. However, many players are reporting problems doing this. It seems that the game isn’t registering these points, especially on their second build. You need to check if these points are even being counted towards your score. If they aren’t, all that’s left to do is to contact support to see if they can help you fix this problem.

How to Unlock College Skills in NBA 2K23

During every College Flashback, you will be able to pick one of two Leadership Skills. The skill you choose will then be unlocked for future use in the game. And the skill you don’t select will be gone for good, so choose wisely here.

College Skills
College Skills
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    got the not unlocking issue, is there any fix for this yet?

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    I didn’t want to play again the game if I don’t complete the objective leadership skills. Why? Fix it please

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