Level Up Flashy in NBA 2K23

Besides being sports icons, many professional sports players are also fashion icons as well. This is because they need to carefully manage how they look, often because they have Endorsements and Sponsorship deals with various fashion brands. Since NBA 2K23 is a simulation of a basketball player’s life and career, it’s no wonder that this element is also in the game – in the form of a gameplay system called Flashy, Corporate, and Free Spirit. You are going to need to level up Flashy in NBA 2K23 to be able to get some of the best Endorsements, and we are going to show you how to do this.

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Level Up Flashy in NBA 2K23
Level Up Flashy in NBA 2K23

How to Level Up Flashy in NBA 2K23

Flashy is a stat in NBA 2K23 that is very similar to Corporate and Free Spirit. Like these two, you have to level up Flashy if you want to get some Endorsements. These include: the Jordan Endorsement Deal (requires Level 9 Flashy), the Mountain Dew Endorsement Deal (requires Level 6 Flashy), the Kia Endorsement Deal (requires Level 5 Flashy), and the 2K Sports Endorsement Deal (requires Level 7 Flashy).

As you can see, you will need to almost max out Flashy levels. You can level it up in several ways. The first method is to do the “Tina and Lance Time Trial 1” daily, which rewards you with a +25 to Flashy. The next way to increase it is to select the appropriate answer during the Interviews after each NBA game. You want to select the answer with the red icon here. It looks like a red circle with a lightning bolt inside of it. And that’s all there is to it. Do both of these activities and you will level up your Flashy. It may take a bit of grinding to get it all the way up to max level, but that’s just the way it is with games such as this.

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    2k made it impossible to do Tina and lance challenge 1 it’s now a 9 checkpoint course with the same time of 51 secs

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