NBA 2K23 MyCareer not Getting Salary VC Glitch Fix

Wondering why are you not getting your VC salary after a match in MyCareer NBA 2K23? The latest instalment of the most popular basketball video game in the world is now here! Naturally, one of the first things most players will do is to start their MyCareer story journey. This will allow them to get familiar with the game, experience the story mode, and earn some hard-to-get Virtual Currency. Unfortunately, MyCareer games are currently plagued by a “no salary” glitch in NBA 2k23. If you are not earning VC salary after a match in NBA 2K23 MyCareer, read on for possible solutions.

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NBA 2K23 MyCareer not Getting Salary VC Glitch Fix
Why are you not getting Salary in NBA 2K23 MyCareer?

MyCareer not Getting VC Salary Glitch Fix in NBA 2K23

The most important resource in any NBA 2K games is the so-called Virtual Currency (VC). It is hard to earn it and you’ll need to grind a lot in order to put your hands on it. On the other hand, there are a lot of ways to spend it. Thus, you will want heaps of it. When something is hard to earn but easy to spend, it becomes a rare commodity. And that’s why it’s so frustrating when you experience the “not Getting VC Salary Glitch” in MyCareer NBA 2K23.

A number of players have been reporting about not earning a salary in MyCareer after matches in NBA 2K23. Getting your VC after a match in MyCareer is an important part of your income. This bug has left many players confused and afraid that they have lost this money permanently. The good news is that you don’t need to panic. While an annoying bug, the “not Getting VC Salary” glitch in NBA 2K23 MyCarer is not unfixable. There are several solutions which you can try in order to fix it:

  • Try playing a MyTeam match, and then go back to playing with your 2K character.
  • Log in and out of your 2K account.
  • Try leaving the game and then reconnecting to the 2K servers (most players report that on their next game they will get VC for all previous games).
  • Many players report that it only doesn’t work for the first three games on MyCareer and that they have received all the missing salaries after their 4th game.

So there you have it. As you can see, it’s mostly a server-related issue, and it should be fixed after a while, just be patient. If you are still missing your MyCareer salary VC, then we advise you to contact 2K Support and explain your problem. They will most likely be able to help you. With that said, our “NBA 2K23 MyCareer not Getting VC Salary Glitch Fix” guide is completed.

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  1. K
    Kyle Gustafsson

    I have done everything on this list and still nothing 2k support are taking forever to answer the request

  2. X

    I’m missing 450000 vc and it didn’t send to my account

  3. H
    Harry Ashmore

    I have not received my 450k VC??

  4. J
    Joshua Clark

    This is theft, that VC has cash value.

  5. R

    I played 5 my career games and I’m getting no vc or even badge points I tried restarting idk what to do

  6. F

    Bro I’m never getting my salary the game is in debt by like 10k vc

  7. A
    Andrew Brown

    I have played like 7 games and I went to the purser and still didn’t get my vc 2k plz fix this like Fr 💀

  8. D
    Dontae Sisomphone

    I played several games and didn’t recieve mypoints along with VC

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