NBA 2K24 Best Free Throw

While Free Throws may not be the most exciting part of basketball, they are still an integral component of it. When a foul is commited against a player, that player will recieve recompense in the form of a chance to shoot for points. This is called a Free Throw, and it is an important strategic factor in every game – especially when the score is tight. Of course, some players are simply better in scoring free throws than others. For example, legendary player Shaquille O’Neal never had the best free throw average, so forcing him to perform them was often a sound strategy by the opposing team. Seeing as any player will do them, you will want to have the best Free Throw possible in NBA 2K24. Here’s which Free Throw settings will give you the best results in the game.

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NBA 2K24 Best Free Throw
NBA 2K24 Best Free Throw

Best Free Throws in NBA 2K24

Like most types of shooting in the game, Free Throws are highly-dependant on the animations that you pick for them. As such, picking the right animation is paramount if you want to have a good free throw shooting score. So with that said, let’s see which are the best Free Throw animations for MyCareer in NBA 2K24. Note that these are good choices both for current gen and next gen devices:

  • #1 Best Free Throw Animation: Stephen Curry.
  • #2 Best Free Throw Animation: Michael Jordan.
  • #3 Best Free Throw Animation: Jamal Murray.
  • #4 Best Free Throw Animation: J. R. Smith.
  • #5 Best Free Throw Animation: Klay Thompson.
  • #6 Best Free Throw Animation: Free Throw 17.

We’re going to update this guide and add other good Free Throw animations as soon as we’ve figured out which other ones are also effective. In the meantime, we recommend that you stick with these, and you should stick with these six for optimal results.

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