How to Change Body Type NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 allows you to make the player that you want. This includes their playing position, stats, and, of course, visual many, many visual customization options. Though, while most of these are pretty easy to set up, there is one that takes significantly more effort – the player’s body type. So if you were not certain how to change the player’s Body Type in NBA 2K24, our guide is here to show you how this can be done in the game. With this info, you will have the option of changing the Body Type to Buff and Burly.

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How to Change Body Type NBA 2K24
How to Change Body Type NBA 2K24

How to Change Body Type in NBA 2K24

In order to be able to change what your Body Type is in NBA 2K24, you will need to go to the Gatorade Gym. Once you get there, the game is going to provide you with a brief explanation on how this works. Basically, what you need to do is to train in the Gym until you have earned enough Stars. You can earn these by completing Exercises. The better you perform in an Exercise, the more Stars you will have earned. To geet the first additional Body Type, you have to earn 50 Stars. And for the second Body Type, you are going to have to earn 100 Stars.

Complete Exercises to earn Stars and Unlock other Body Types
Complete Exercises to earn Stars and Unlock other Body Types.

Once you have unlocked all three Body Types, you will then be able to switch between them whenever you want in the Appearance Menu. While this can take a while, the Gatorade Gym can be very useful in making the perfect player. Not just their appearance and Body Type, but all of these Exercises also contribute to you earning all sorts of Badges. So just like in real life, it definitely pays off to hit the gym at a regular basis.

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