NBA 2K24 Free Agent Cards Explained

If you are not sure how Free Agent Cards work, this guide will explain all you need to know. NBA 2K24 is here, and while it comes stacked with many new features and content, it’s still the same old game you love (and hate!). There are many staple, recurring features that you’ll immediately recognize. However, even years after they’ve been introduced, many people are still not yet sure how they work. This guide explains how the Free Agent Card in NBA 2K24 works.

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NBA 2K24 Free Agent Cards Explained

What Are Free Agent Cards in NBA 2K24

If you are a veteran NBA 2K player, you are probably already familiar with these types of cards. NBA 2K24 boasts over 25 unique card types which you can use in various capacities for your MyTeam builds. The bread and butter are, of course, Player Cards. But then you have all kinds of different cards – Arena, Court, Badge, Coach, Evo, and – Free Agent Cards. So, what are these cards and what do they do? These cards are essentially consumable items. That is, they are not permanent. Instead, they have five charges, and once you use these limited-use Player cards in five matches, they will disappear forever. Hence, choose wisely when and how you want to utilize this type of card.

How to Get Free Agent Cards in NBA 2K24

Thankfully, given these cards’ temporary nature, they will not appear in your packs and waste you a slot. Rather, these cards are only available via various special promotions and as rewards. For example, anyone who has preordered NBA 2K24 will receive a 95-rated Kobe Bryant MyTEAM Free Agent Card. You will be able to use this card exactly in five matches of MyTeam, after which it will disappear. So there you have it. Now you know all you need to know. If you have any other questions, ask us in the comments section!

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