NBA 2K24 #2KDay, How to Get 2K Day Attire and Earn 2x Rep

The #2KDay is currently underway in NBA 2K24. If you have logged into NBA 2K24, then you have seen the following message: “Show off your 2K Day Attire. Earn 2XRep!” So while it’s pretty obvious that you need to get and put on some 2K Day Attire on your player, what isn’t as obvious is where you can get this apparel. So if you were wondering how to get 2K Day Attire and Earn 2x Rep in the NBA 2K24 #2KDay, this guide is here to explain precisely where you need to go and what you need to do here.

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NBA 2K24 #2KDay, How to Get 2K Day Attire and Earn 2x Rep
NBA 2K24 #2KDay, How to Get 2K Day Attire and Earn 2x Rep

How and Where to Get NBA 2K24 #2KDay Attire and Earn 2x Rep

So, once you receive this message and a #2KDay sign above your head, the next thing to do is to go and purchase some 2KDay gear. Which opens up the question – where to find 2K Day clothes in NBA 2K24? Well, while your first instinct may be to run into any gear store, you will soon see that it isn’t available in the Nike, Adidas, Air Jordan, New Balance, Puma, or Converse stores. This leaves the Swag’s store. If you don’t know where it is, we have marked its location in our screenshot gallery below.

Once you get there, go inside and you will see that there are several 2k Day attire items that you can buy. These apparel are: Future Cover 2K Cover Athlete T-Shirs (cost – 1500 VC), 2K Gamer Hoodies (cost – 1500 VC), and 2K All Day Hoodies (cost – 2000 VC). You can buy whichever one – or all – of these that you like. All that’s left is to put it on and you will then start earning 2X Rep for the duration of this event.

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