How to Go Shirtless NBA 2K24 Take Shirt Off Next Gen

Not sure how to take the shirt off in the NBA 2K24 next-gen version of the game? We’ve got you covered! The new edition of the world’s most popular basketball game has just landed. And, of course, is there a better way to play it than to flex those muscles on screen? In this guide, we explain how to go shirtless in NBA 2K24 on old gen and current gen (next gen).

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How to Go Shirtless NBA 2K24 Take Shirt Off Next Gen
How to Go Shirtless NBA 2K24 Current Gen and Old Gen

How to Take Shirt Off in NBA 2K24 Next Gen

Looking to learn how to go shirtless in NBA 2K24 MyCareer? If you want your character to take his shirt off, it’s actually a rather easy thing to do. However, before being able to do that, you’ll need to fulfil a few conditions. Luckily, they are rather basic conditions, and it shouldn’t take you a lot of time to get there. So, here’s what you need to achieve in order to unlock the ability to take your shirt off.

First things first, when you start your MyCareer campaign, head to the park, where you will need to choose one of the affiliations. For example, you can choose to join Elite. Once you join them, you’ll get two challenge-based objectives, which you will need to complete. The challenges are:

  • 0/100 Points (Elite Courts)
  • 0/10 Games Won (Elite Courts)

When you score these 100 points and win at least ten matches, a reputation system will unlock, and you will be one step closer to going shirtless in NBA 2K24. From there, continue completing various challenges until you reach the Rookie 3 rank. At this point, you will unlock the following rewards:

  • Take your shirt off and flex in the City.
  • Earn access to extra badge-improving drills after completing games in The Rec or in the city.
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