New World Ice Gauntlet - Where to Find Water Arcana

The question of where to find Water Arcana is one you’ll need to answer if you want to make the Ice Gauntlet in New World. If you’re not paying attention to what the game is telling you, it’s easy to miss tips on how to get Water Arcana. That’s gonna be a pretty big problem for you. That’s why we’ve put together our New World Ice Gauntlet – Where to Find Water Arcana guide, in which we’ll explain how to get Water Arcana, how to craft the Ice Gauntlet, what it is, etc.

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new world ice gauntlet where to find water arcana
New World Ice Gauntlet – Where to Find Water Arcana

Where to Find Water Arcana for Ice Gauntlet

To find Water Arcana for the Ice Gauntlet in New World, you need to collect Water Motes. There are several sources for Water Motes; according to the in-game entry, it can drop from Rivercress, Springstones, and Floating Spinefish. You can go about it however you please, but in our experience, Rivercress is the way to go. Why? Because they grow on basically any riverbank you come across, for one, and on top of that, you get six Water Motes from just one Rivercress harvested. Plus, they’re very easy to spot, due to their bright blue trumpet-shaped flowers. Granted, you need to be level 30 in order to gather the plant, but still.

Ice Gauntlet in New World

The New World Ice Gauntlet is a magical weapon that you can either get as a drop from mobs, or by crafting it at an Arcane Repository. It’s the first such gauntlet that you can craft, and it’s fairly easy to do. All you need ingredients-wise twelve Iron Ingots, five Coarse Leather and six Water Arcana. You can also add special resources to add some special perks or extra stats. If you add some Azoth in there, you increase the chance of getting attributes, gems slots and perks leading to a better gear score.

The Ice Gauntlet two kill trees – Ice Tempest and the Builder. The Tempest tree is a mix of single target and AOE spells that require skillful targeting and an experienced player. It scales with the Intelligence attribute. As for the Builder, it’s all about using an Ice Pilon summon that deals additional damage and slowing down enemies with an Ice Shower.

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