Outpost Rush New World - How to Join Outpost Rush

The Outpost Rush is a specific PvP (player versus player) event that you can participate in New World. It is only available to Level 60 players, and is intended as an end-game event activity. During this, you will join a large-scale 20 vs 20 player battle (sometimes 16 versus 16, depending on the queue), alongside some other PvE activates as well. Our Outpost Rush New World – How to Join Outpost Rush guide will answer any questions you might have had about this system, including how to start it and what you can get out of it.

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Outpost Rush New World - How to Join Outpost Rush

How to Join Outpost Rush in New World

We’ve already mentioned the Level 60 requirement for this. If you are underleveled for this, you will not be able to participate in it. If that is the case, your best bet is to spend some more time grinding to level up. And if you do meet the prerequisites, all you need to do is to head to the nearest settlement or outpost. In here, there is a dedicated Outpost Rush NPC. Speak to this NPC to choose whether or not you want to play this mode solo or with a group of friends (up to 5 of them). You will then get queued up and once it is your turn and enough players have joined the event, you will get teleported to a new location.

This new island is called Nauthynos and you will start at a home fort here. Between yours and the home fort of the enemy side, there are also three outposts that either side can capture for themselves: Luna, Sol, and Astra. Both sides will make a rush for those outposts (hence, the name of this event). The goal is to hold on to the outpost for as long as you can. This is done by capturing the outpost itself and killing enemy combatants. The first side that earns 1,000 points – will be the winner.

Besides this, there are other tasks you can also undertake on this map. These include defeating the Baroness Hain, constructing Turret Emplacements, and using Corrupted Portals to send corrupted creatures at the enemy. You can also find high-level resources here, such as Infused Ore, Infused Wood, Infused Hide, and other such materials.

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