New World Abandoning Event Stuck on Screen Fix

Anyone playing New World may have found themselves stuck on the abandoning event screen and need a fix. This screen should appear when you leave an event. A timer runs and when that is up, the notification vanishes. The problem is that for many people it is not going, and in some cases, it is even getting bigger. Read on as we discuss the New World Abandoning Event bug and provide you with a fix.

New World Abandoning Event Stuck on Screen Fix

Abandoning Event Stuck on Screen Fix in New World

The problem occurs when people try to abandon an event. The dialog window that says ‘Abandoning Event’ appears as normal but does not seem to go. To make matters worse, many people have reported that this gets bigger as time goes on. This can lead to pinned quests vanishing as well as the compass. Playing the game becomes annoying, if not impossible to perform.

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Unfortunately, there is not currently a ‘Refresh UI’ command which may have fixed the problem. Luckily, a few temporary solutions are available. The most obvious is to restart the game and this has meant that the message disappears for most people. However, anyone who has done this will know the queues will prevent you from re-entering any time soon.

Another solution to the abandoning event screen involves using corrupted zones. Go back to a corrupted portal event and finish it again. Alternatively, try stepping into a corrupted zone. Kill some enemies, then try stepping back out. The only issue with this is that new quests appear lower on the screen. They may also move over the abilities and weapons UI, creating even more issues.

The developers do have notification of this problem. There has been no official response yet. Check back here for updates and don’t forget to read our helpful New World guides.

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  1. M

    I had (have) this bug since about 3 hours ago – but I did NOT take part in any event at all before it happened. I suddenly noticed this thing and had no idea when it popped up, all I can say that I did not take part in anything, I was just questing.
    After I couldn’t get rid of it I googled and found this post, so I tried the “fix”. I participated in two of these invasion events in Monarch’s Bluffs where everything turns dark and a portal in the middle spawns many level 25 mobs. It did NOT change anything for me and I still have that popup now.

    1. T

      Same thing for many other people – including myself.
      Early in the morning, you an usually get away with re-logging, so if the notification pops up at those times; I re-log.
      I did that again today, and as soon as I got back in game and completed a town board quest (moved a whole 5 feet or something – after logging in), I got the stuck notification again -.-‘

      Most thing in the game (bugged auto-running, not being able to craft at any station and so on), can be “fixed” by just interacting with something (picking up a bush or something), but this sadly can’t 🙁

  2. L

    I got rid of it a few times, but it aways comes back. Very annoying and interfering with my shown quests.

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