New World Sheep Location Map - Stonereach Hunt

Sheep in New World are animals that you can hunt, sometimes for quests like Stonereach Hunt, and you need to know their locations to do so. There are several problems that you might run into here. For one, you might not know where to find sheep in the first place. Even once you do, however, you might visit a known sheep location and find that there are none. So, what is one aspiring colonizer to do? Well, we’ll explain everything you need to know in our New World Sheep Location Map – Stonereach Hunt quest, with the added bonus of where to find curro sheep.

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new world sheep location map stonereach hunt
New World Sheep Location Map – Stonereach Hunt

Where to Find Sheep Locations in New World – Stonereach Hunt

There are several areas where you can find sheep locations in New World for quests like Stonereach Hunt. You can find that “zone,” called Stonereach Pass, northwest of the main settlement in Everfall. This is arguably the best place to find sheep in general. So, if you need to kill sheep for whatever reason, definitely have a look here. You can basically stand right on the quest marker and then move a bit to the southeast, towards the rocky wall. There should be some sheep there every five minutes or so.

If Windsward is more your speed, you can find sheep in that area, too. Search for them in the hills northwest of the main settlement in that zone. In Monarch’s Bluff, sheep seem to spawn near Devil’s Quarry, the best spot being the small farmhouse. However, they don’t spawn very often, so be patient or go somewhere else if there are too many players trying to get sheep at the same time. Lastly, in First Light… there seem to be no sheep that we could find. If you’ve found some, let us know where in the comments.

Churro Sheep New World Locations

The one area where we found churro sheep locations in New World is in Everfall in Stonereach Pass. They are basically just a different species of sheep, the other being pasture sheep. Again, if you’ve found churro sheep elsewhere on the map, tell us in the comments below.

One thing that’s very important to know about New World sheep – after somebody kills them, they go on a cooldown timer. So, if you come to one of the sheep locations we’ve marked, and there aren’t any to be found, it’s likely that another player has already grabbed them. So, you’ll have to patiently wait until they respawn. This might take a couple of minutes, so either stay there or come back later. And good luck to you if there’s a bunch of people on a quest similar to yours.

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