Track Resources in New World

Learning to track resources in New World is essential to your success in Amazon’s MMO. Competition for resources is fierce and will only get worse. In the early stages of the game, finding resources can be frustrating. Marked with proximity alerts on the compass, a lot of it is down to chance. Read on as we solve this problem and tell you how you can track resources in New World.

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Track Resources in New World
Track Resources in New World

How to Track Resources in New World

The skill of tracking resources will not become available until you have reached the required level. Until this happens, items will appear as a proximity alert. For example, iron ore will appear as a boulder icon on your compass.  Before you have acquired the tracking skill, you must search quite blindly if you want some of these items.

Tracking skills can be acquired by leveling up the specific skill. There is quite a wide range of levels for each of the professions. Items you can work toward tracking are in three professional categories.

These are logging, mining, and harvesting. Of these, logging is the simplest. You can track Wyrdwood at 125 and Ironwood at 200 level.

Mining has a wider range of different items available. The simplest of these is iron which you can track with a professional level of 25. Silver, oil, and gold appear at levels 35 to 70. Once you hit the higher regions of 100 to 200, you can track very rare items such as Starmetal and Platinum.

Harvesting starts at a level of 20 allowing you to track farm plants followed by hemp not long after. When you hit over 100 you can look for silkweed, magical creatures, and wire fiber. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to turn certain categories on your compass. That means you may find the compass stuffed with hemp, rabbits, iron, and other resources. This can become confusing.

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