New World Winter Wanderer Reputation Farm

The Winter Convergence Festival is underway in New World. This brand-new seasonal event is bringing a lot of holiday cheer and winter-themed content into the game. The Winter Wanderer is one such addition. This Yeti has opened up a Convergence Shop, which is stocked with all sorts of wonderful items. However, these items are locked behind several reputation thresholds. This is similar to New World’s Faction reputation system. No doubt, you will want to get your hands on these as soon as possible. To help you with that, our New World Winter Wanderer Reputation Farm guide is here with the best methods for quickly farming this reputation.

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New World Winter Wanderer Reputation Farm

How to Farm Winter Wanderer Reputation New World

The Convergence Shop is divided into five ranks. These are: Rank 1 Reveler (the starting point), Rank 2 Celebrant (at 1,000 Reputation), Rank 3 Merrymaker (at 3,000 Reputation) Rank 4 Joybringer (at 6,000 Reputation), and Rank 5 Holiday Regent (at 10,000 Reputation). As you can see, it will take quite a lot of farming to get to the highest ranks. There are several ways to increase your Reputation. The first way is to collect presents. These are scattered all over the map. Collecting each one will net you 5 Reputation. While this is a fun activity, it won’t really get you to 10,000 Reputation quickly, so you can mostly ignore it.

The Winter Wanderer has a Daily Gift next to him. Search the Bountiful Gift Sack each day for 125 Reputation gain. Since there are four Winter Villages, you can get 500 daily Reputation (4 x 125) this way. Finally, each city has a Daily Gift that will give you another 100 Reputation. Look for the Magnificient Gift Pile under the Tree of Light in each Settlement for this. All in all, even with all of these methods, it will take you several days until you have farmed enough reputation to get to Rank 5, so be patient and collect as many of these daily gifts as you can until then.

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