Absolver Release Date Revealed in New Combat Trailer

Devolver Digital have released a new trailer for Absolver, Sloclap’s upcoming close combat game. The new video focuses on the mechanical side of the game, explaining how comboes, fighting stances, styles and schools work. It also reveals the release date, which is August 29th.

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absolver release date
Absolver release date

As you start the game, you’ll be able to choose between three styles. Each of them has a special ability, and a particular way of fighting. The Forsaken have the ability to parry attacks. This stuns opponents, giving the Forsaken a window of opportunity for a counterattack. Disciples of the Kahlt Method can absorb attacks without being knocked back or stunned. They can also regain some of their lost health if they perform an effective counterattack. Those who practice Windfall will be able to dodge.

Your attacks will be governed by something called a combat deck. It’s basically a move set you’ve created yourself from all the different attacks you’ve unlocked in the game. There are four stances, and each has an attack chain and an alternative which you define. You unlock new attacks by defeating opponents, which allows you to make a more diverse combat deck. The voice over lady insists that it all works seamlessly, and that your chains will be fluid no matter what you put in them.

You can also study under the tutelage of a mentor, a more experienced player you’ve met in the game. They can teach you moves by fighting alongside you, and you can even learn different styles this way.

Absolver is going to be released on August 29th on PC and Playstation 4. The price is still unknown. It seems to be a multiplayer only game, focused on PvP combat, although there is a coop mode that allows you to clear dungeons with the help of your friends.

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