Adopt Me Pizza Shop & Salon Update, Recolor Pets

The Adopt Me black hole event is finally over. The black hole has exploded, smashing into pieces the world around us, leaving everyone floating. However, instead of destroying the world, it has actually come with quite an interesting and lovely new update. Following the black hole event, you will now be able to work as a pizza maker in the Adopt Me Pizza Shop. Also, there is a brand new building in the game – the Adopt Me Salon. Here’s everything we know about the Adopt Me Pizza Shop & Salon Update.

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Adopt Me Pizza Shop & Salon Update, Recolor Pets
Adopt Me Jobs and Roleplay Update

Adopt Me Salon & Stylist Job

The new “Jobs and Roleplay” update is here and it comes with two first-ever jobs in the game! The one is being a stylist. You can pursue this career in a brand new building – the Salon! By working as a stylist in the salon, you’ll earn 15 bucks per minute! Ella is an NPC who owns the salon, and you will only be able to work there during the day, as the place is closed during night hours. You will be able to give your pet a new look, including recolouring pets, taking care of their hair, nails, and so on. To colour your pet, simply take a spray can of your desired colour, and spray it on your pet. If you change your mind and decide that you don’t like the new colour, you can simply wash your pet in a bath in the salon. Each colour last 20 minutes.

Adopt Me Pizza Shop

The Adopt Me Pizza Shop is also hiring. And you can do all kinds of jobs there. Just talk to Ramsey and he’ll tell you what you can do. You work as a pizza chef, a waiter, or a manager. As a waiter, you can take orders and bring delicious pizzas to the Pizza Shop’s patrons. Once a pizza is done, you can bring it to the table, put it on the display, or deliver it via a drive-through service. As a chef, you are responsible for grabbing ingredients, making pizza, cooking and bringing ready pizzas to waiters. Of course, just like in the salon, you’ll also earn money by working in the Pizza Shop. This is just the tip of the iceberg in the new update. There’s so much more, so jump in and explore!

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