Adopt Me Retired Egg Explained

Want to know what is the Adopt Me Retired Egg update all about? The popular Adopt Me Roblox experience is about to receive another awesome new update. Of course, the biggest star is the new Egg. Eggs are the core gameplay feature of the game, and the main way to obtain pets. There are a bunch of different eggs which were added during the years, such as Golden Egg, Golden Egg, Mythic Egg, and many more types. But, what does this new type of egg do? In this guide, we explain what is the Retired Egg in Adopt Me, and everything else you need to know about it.

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Adopt Me Retired Egg Explained

Retired Egg in Adopt Me

The Retired Egg update in Roblox Adopt Me is slated for release this July! The exact release date is Thursday, the 21st of July. Thus, you will have to wait just a little bit more before you are being able to have fun with this new feature. But, many fans already want to know what exactly is this new thing? And how does it work?

Well, all the pets in the Cracked Egg will be moved into the Retired Egg and replaced with new pets. This means that even some pets that are rotating out will still be available via the new egg. If you have missed some of these pets that are leaving, or if you are a new player, you can purchase this new egg for a chance to get some of these pets. These new eggs can be found in the VIP room.

In addition, Pet Egg, Royal Egg, and Cracked Egg will all hatch new pets when the update kicks in. However, we don’t yet know which new pets will this be. There should be a total of 15 brand new pets coming to the game with the update. The mystery of which ones will these be will be resolved once the update launches.

adopt me retired egg
The in-game announcement
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  1. L

    Are the pet egg pets and royal egg pets going to be in the retired egg? Or just the cracked egg? If they are not in the retired egg, are they leaving the game forever?

    1. N

      Nope. All the eggs are in the retired egg, but the retired egg will be in the VIP room, so you may want to get that game pass.

  2. M

    Is the retired egg in the vip room because I dont have vip not robux 😞

      1. G

        Just wanted to say i got scammed off that thing because someone said it hatched old pets (meaning that instead of the newborn title, it would say full grown.). I traded a fr pet that was worth a fly reindeer.

    1. D
      Devon George

      My username is Dlegend2020 and I have vip if you turn into a baby and get on my shoulders you get get in the vip room if you want when it comes out I could help you with it if you’d like.

  3. A

    Ok so if i understand jt right all the current prt, cracked and royal egg pets will be in retured egg. Thats fine i wouldn’t have problem IF they would just be obtainable for bucks and you wint need to pay ANY robux. just why tf they need to keep doing this. Adopt me is big P2W scamming and flexing game. I just dont get it. Why it must be in VIP room why adopt me devs cant just .ake update without smthing you need to pay robux for. Adopt me is TRASH SAID THE PRETTY WAY

    1. A
      Adopt me is so dum


  4. K

    any idea how many bucks?

  5. L

    I think it is stupid that you are moving it to the VIP room. All the new updates have been making it so that you need robux to get and do stuff. And now all the og pets are going to be gone for more the half of the people who play. could you have it be in the pet area for like 2 weeks? just so that some people can get the old pets before it’s moved?

    1. L

      They’re literally already giving us time to get the old pets bro

  6. R

    My question is what will happen with unhatched cracked egg/ pet egg in our inventory?

    1. D

      What happens to eggs in our inventory

  7. R

    That would make the value drop significantly. Because they are out of game, the value is high because they are unobtainable through anything but trading. So, if they brought back the pets or, some of them at least, that would be bad for the value of those chosen pets.

  8. J

    If I get the vip gamepass will the retired egg be free or will it cost money?

  9. R

    I already a VIP, so my question is will the retired eggs cost bucks in the VIP room and are they tradable?

    1. M

      The retired eggs are 600 bucks. Not robux but the cash on adopt me that you earn

  10. S

    are ALL the pets in the eggs right now being moved to the ritired egg, and then the only things you will be able to hatch out of the normal eggs will now be the new pets? Is everysingle pet being moved to the retired egg?

  11. S

    What happens to the eggs in our inventory

  12. T

    What is going to happen to all my eggs in my inventory when they do the update??? Will I still get the pets that are in them before the update???

  13. M

    Can you get old old eggs like giraffes in retired egg?

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