Agents of Mayhem Review Round-up - Things to Know Before You Buy

Agents of Mayhem is the new game from Volition, the studio responsible for the Saints Row and Red Faction franchises. It’s a third person shooter set in the same world as Saints Row, but it’s mostly unrelated to it. It was released today, and reviews are already starting to pour in. We’ve decided to collect a bunch of them in one place, to help you decide whether it’s worth your time.

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agents of mayhem review round up
Agents of Mayhem review scores

Here’s what the critics had to say:

The consensus seems to be that it tries hard to distance itself from Saints Row, but only on paper. The comparisons don’t do it any favors, as the writing doesn’t seem to be on par – some have called it generic and bland. Those who’ve praised it mostly liked the different characters and how their skills complemented each other, while even the game’s biggest supporters couldn’t help but notice the repetitive environments and enemies.

Some agree that being open world didn’t really add much to the experience, instead getting in the way of a solid third person shooter. Since it’s a singleplayer only experience, this might be it’s biggest issue. It’s obvious the game is a product of the team wanting to take a break from the Saints Row series (they’ve been making it for quite some time now), and the audience just asking for more Saints Row. I mean, they even added Johnny Gat to appease the members of the Cult of Gat.

The main takeaway here is how divisive it’s proven to be among reviewers. If you have interest in the game, we suggest you read a couple of these reviews, watch some gameplay footage or some streams, then decide for yourself.

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