ARK: Survival Evolved Update Adds Interactive Toilets

In what is arguably the most important update the game will ever receive, ARK: Survival Evolved has been enriched with interactive toilets. They’re not just for show, either – using one when you’re in need will give you a special buff that increases the amount of experience you gain for a while. There’s a bunch of other stuff in the update as well, but honestly, it all pales in comparison.

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ark survival evolved interactive toilets
Ark Survival Evolved now has working toilets

If you really want to know what all the other stuff is, here’s a list:

  • New Weapon: Harpoon Gun
  • New Dinos: Hyaenodon, Hesperornis, Megatherium, Megalania, Yutyrannus
  • New Vehicle: Gas-powered speedy Motorboat
  • New Structure: Interactive Toilet
  • 2 New Hairstyles
  • More Explorer Notes
  • More UI Overhauls
  • Direwolf Pack Feature
  • Primitive + Update
  • Memory reductions, texture memory & mesh optimization.
  • Greater achievement set (various cosmetics, hairstyles, & emotes unlocked as you get achievements)

Apart from the latrine, the new critters seem like the biggest addition. This update brings up the grand total of animals over a hundred, which is quite an achievement. The new creatures include a dire hyena that lives in packs, a giant anteater, a lizard that can climb up walls, a fish-thing that lays eggs (with a small chance of laying a golden one), and a furry T-Rex. The other big thing is the harpoon gun – it works underwater, which makes it a really useful tool to have. Here’s a video that goes through all the new stuff:

In case you’re not playing ARK: Survival Evolved, but are contemplating it, the PC version is currently on sale on Steam. Both the base game and the Scorched Earth expansion are going to be sold with a -68% discount until June 5th, so it’s a great opportunity to dive in, if you’re into survival, dinosaurs and interactive toilets. And really, who isn’t?

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