Autopsy Simulator Lets You Play as a Coroner & Then the Dead Rise

Autopsy Simulator offers a bit of a different gaming experience than one might be used to. In it, you play as Jack, a coroner. Your job, of course, is to examine dead bodies and try to solve the mystery of how they died. And then things start going off the rails, as hallucinations and paranormal stuff starts happening around the morgue. I too would say that’s a bit of a spoiler, but they reveal it in the trailer, so it’s fair game.

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Autopsy Simulator Lets You Play as a Coroner & Then the Dead Rise
Autopsy Simulator Lets You Play as a Coroner & Then the Dead Rise

The lengths that Autopsy Simulator goes through to get details right astounds me. As the description on Steam points out, they got forensic doctors and pathomorphologists to create the cases you’ll be solving. If that’s all the game ended up being, I would’ve been all about it as a true crime lover. Solving mysteries by dissecting corpses, are you kidding me? But, that’s not where Autopsy Simulator ends. As we can see in the trailer below, things go from bad to worse as hallucinations and walking corpses start haunting our protagonist, Jack.

This is where the whole thing hits a snag for me. For one, this is, in broad strokes, the plot of the movie “The Autopsy of Jane Doe,” as others have already pointed out. That in itself isn’t too bad, I suppose, but I do have a problem with the trailer, if you’ll forgive me editorializing. I think it would’ve been much cooler if the promo material didn’t reveal the horror element of Autopsy Simulator. I would’ve loved to be engrossed into an autopsy and then realize that things aren’t what they seemed. But, oh well, I might still give it a spin for the novelty of the concept.

So, there you have it, folks. If you want a morbid horror game that lets you solve cases by digging through corpses, then Autopsy Simulator might be for you. It doesn’t have a released ate as of writing this article, but we do know it’s coming this year. And, as mentioned, the game does have a Steam page, so check it out if you want.

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