down? Check Server Status, Outage & Connection Problems

Blizzard’s famous online client,, is one of the oldest online platforms for games which is still active. servers are hosting WoW, Diablo, StarCraft, Warzone, Hearthstone, and many other popular online games from Blizzard and Activision. Being an online platform unfortunately means that sometimes will experience outages and connection issues. In this article, you will find information about the latest outage, server status, and connection issues.

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Is there outage?

Is down and is there an outage?

UPDATE: On Monday, October 10h, at around 11 pm CEST / 10 pm BST / 5 pm ET / 2 pm PT, players are reporting login issues in all Blizzard games. It seems that there’s currently a serious issue with the servers. We will update the article as soon as we have more information on the situation.

ORIGINAL STORY: At the time of writing, which is May 12th around 1 AM in Europe, and around 7 pm EST and 4 pm PST in the US, servers are experiencing an outage. Players from various games, such as Warzone, WoW, and Diablo, are reporting about their games suddenly crashing and them being unable to log back into the client.

We are not yet sure if the issue is related only to servers in a specific region, or if the outage is across the globe. What we do know is that the website is currently also offline. This indicates a broader issue, not related to any specific region.

Blizzard initially didn’t respond about the issues, but now we have the first official information coming from the developer. As suspected, a DDoS attack is a likely culprit for this outage. Here’s the official response:

“We are currently experiencing a DDoS attack, which may result in high latency and disconnections for some players. We are actively working to mitigate this issue.”

The good news is that Blizzard and Activision games on consoles are unaffected by these issues. For now, that’s all we know, but we will continue to monitor the situation closely, and update this article with the latest information about the outage. Hopefully, Blizzard will soon resolve the problems, and players will be able to return to playing games on the platform.

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