Bethesda Adds Option to Skip Login in Classic DOOM Ports

As promised, Bethesda has introduced a patch for the ports of DOOM 1 and DOOM 2 that lets you skip over the login screen. Plus, it removes the disconnect notification while you play. They’re also working on a further patch that will reduce the visibility of the thing even further. Naturally, they also make sure to mention just how optional the login is.

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Bethesda Adds Option to Skip Login in Classic DOOM Ports
Bethesda Adds Option to Skip Login in Classic DOOM Ports

As we’ve briefly covered before, Bethesda ruffled some feathers with the ports of the classic DOOM games. Namely, they’ve included a screen where you had to log into a free Bethesda account in order to play. That was a one-time thing; after that first login, you could play offline normally. Still, this made a lot of people mad. Bethesda defended themselves by saying that the screen was supposed to be optional, and that they were working on a fix. Well, that’s finally out, with a more permanent fix on the way.

As the official Bethesda tweet reads: “We’ve deployed a patch for the re-releases of DOOM and DOOM II, which now adds an option to skip the Bethesda net login requirement and removes the disconnect notification during gameplay.” Then, in a subsequent tweet, they added: “We are working on a more permanent fix to further reduce the visibility of the optional login. We do not have an estimated release just yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we can. Thank you for your feedback!” So, yeah; Bethesda is making good on their promise, and the login screen will now be skippable.

Incidentally, they also explained why they included the login in the first place. It’s so that you can make use of your Slayers Club membership, if you have one. That would’ve been great to know beforehand, both for the sake of transparency, and so that people that are in the Slayers Club know to use that account.

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