BioGun - Twin-Stick Shooter Metroidvania - Gets Release Date

Indie Metroidvanias have really exploded in popularity in the last several years. It seems like we get a really cool new Metroidvania with a unique and exciting concept just about every other day. But when it comes to idea, style, and execution, few can compare with BioGun. In this one-of-a-kind twin-stick shooter and metroidvania mashup, you play as a vaccine that is injected into a sick dog. Your job is to, naturally, exterminate all of the microscopic viruses and bacteria and cure the cute doggy. After a very successful demo, BioGun has recently received an official release date, and it is coming very soon.

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BioGun - Twin-Stick Shooter Metroidvania - Gets Release Date
BioGun – Twin-Stick Shooter Metroidvania – Gets Release Date

When is BioGun Releasing?

BioGun is going to release on April 16th, 2024. Currently, the game is a PC exclusive, and you can learn more about it and wishlish it over on its official Steam page. In the meantime, you can also try out the free demo – BioGun: Clinical Trial. This demo features the first two areas of the game, as well as several bosses, side quests, and upgrades – more than enough to give you a small dose of what’s to come in the full game.

As for the gameplay, it is a combination of classic twin-stick shooter action, mixed with metroidvania elements. This means that you are going to be shooting evil microbes, jump and dash from platform to platform, and gain new powers and upgrades that will allow you to access previously closed-off sections of a large, inter-connected map. Each organ of the doggy infected by the deadly Dooper Virus is an area with its own esthetics and rules. So you will, for example, be able to lower the… liquid in the bladder to reach areas which you previously couldn’t. And of course, like any good vaccine – you’ll cure the doggo and allow it to go back to its happy old self.

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