Blair Witch Gameplay Trailer Shows Off That '90s Cell Phone

There’s a new trailer for Blair Witch, the upcoming horror game from Team Bloober. It’s the first time we’re seeing the game in action for realsies, and it looks mighty fine. And by “mighty fine”, I mean I’m glad it’s the middle of the day where I’m sitting and there’s enough time to forget all about it before going to sleep.

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blair witch gameplay trailer
Blair Witch Gameplay Trailer Shows Off The Game In Action

It’s hard for a person who was alive at the time to suspend disbelief so much to think it’s perfectly normal for a cell phone to have signal in the woods. There’s also the matter of the dog, which is decidedly not a retriever. The game is rife with historical inaccuracies, and I’m not buying any of it.

The Blair Witch Project was quite a thing way back when. Not the movie itself – it was a pretty mundane horror flick by every standard, but the discourse around it was fascinating. Nobody was quite sure whether it was a documentary or a work of fiction. It’s a relic of its time – a thing like that couldn’t have happened during any other period. It spawned a trilogy of games shortly after, none of which have anything to do with the new one.

The games themselves were also interesting – each was a separate episode covering different events from the Blair Witch universe, and they were all made by different teams. They were all kinda-spinoffs to Nocturne, a pretty decent horror game from a time those were a dime a dozen. None of that literally has anything to do with the new Blair Witch, but it’s a nice piece of trivia and a semi-recommendation if you’re looking for something to play until this fresh new thing drops, which is supposed to happen on August 30th.

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  1. K
    Kit Karamak

    I played all three games and loved them.

    Rustin Parr was never fully fleshed out, but those games kind of were.
    You got real insight into the canon history of Burkettesville, in the Blair Witch universe, and how it was the town of Blair or whatever, before that. I haven’t played those games in about fifteen years, but I remember Civil war soldier, and Old Mrs Weaver, and the hearts on the rock, lol. Pretty wild.

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