Borderlands 3 to Offer Two Graphics Options for PlayStation 4 Pro Players

Gearbox will offer two Graphics Preference options for Borderlands 3 on the PS4 Pro. One will favor resolution, rendering up to 4K and HDR, but capping the framerate at 30 fps. The other will favor performance, downgrading rendering to 1080p, and boosting the framerate to 60 fps.

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Borderlands 3 to Offer Two Graphics Options for PlayStation 4 Pro Players
Borderlands 3 to Offer Two Graphics Options for PlayStation 4 Pro Players

Those of you that are planning to play Borderlands 3 on PlayStation 4 are gonna have two choices when it comes to graphics, according to PlayStation Blog. Both of these are fairly standard, but it bears repeating. The first option of Graphics Preferences is “favor resolution,” which will cap the framerate at 30, and render the game in 4K and HDR. On the other hand, “favor performance” moves the cap to 60 fps, and render Borderlands 3 in 1080p. You’ll also be able to mix and match what kind of output you want, allowing you to play the game in 1080p and HDR if you want.

Naturally, those of you that own a 1080p TV aren’t gonna be left in the dust. According to the interview: “the game will supersample from the higher resolution using the console’s hardware.” In other words, they’ll use the power that the PS4 Pro in order to make the game look sharper even on a 1080p TV. Only if you use the “favor resolution” option in the Graphics Preferences. So, yeah, this is all fairly standard with games on the PS4 Pro. But, it’s good to know that Gerabox is making the most of what the console can offer.

Apart from PlayStation 4, Borderlands 3 is also going to come out on PC, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. The launch date is September 13th, 2019, and it’s, of course, already up for pre-orders. PC players, be advised. In case you’ve missed it, Borderlands 3 is gonna be an Epic Store exclusive in the first six months after launch.

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