Call of Duty WW2 United Front DLC Out on PlayStation 4

The new DLC for Call of Duty WW2, United Front, is now out on PlayStation 4. It will remain exclusive to the console for a month. After that, it will also become available on Xbox One and PC. The DLC includes three new multiplayer maps, a new single player War Mind mission, and a new mission for the Zombies mode.

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Call of Duty WW2 United Front DLC Out on PlayStation 4
Call of Duty WW2 United Front DLC Out on PlayStation 4

Sorry, PC and Xbox gamers. The new DLC for Call of Duty WW2 is a PlayStation 4 timed exclusive, and it will remain so for a month. And if you main PlayStation, congrats. You now have exclusive access to the DLC, starting June 26th. If you’ve ponied up the money for it, of course. The DLC comes with a new mission, a new chapter of the Zombies campaign, and three new multiplayer maps. All of the new maps will put you into some of the bloodiest battles of World War 2, while the Zombies mission takes a more esoteric approach.

The Market Garden map will take you to a rural villa in the Netherlands, in the midst of a huge air battle. Monte Cassino will drop you into the eponymous battle near the abbey of Saint Benedict. The aim of the battle is to take the area in order to secure a path to Rome. Historically, the allies had tremendous losses, but they did prevail in the end. Spoilers, I guess. Lastly, Stalingrad will take place during one of the most arduous battles of the entire war. You’ll have to navigate the map through a hail of sniper fire.

As for the single player War Mode mission, it will put you into Operation Supercharge (Operation Supercharge II, technically). You’ll be fighting in Tunisia, trying to take a village from the Axis forces. You’ll have to secure supplies, destroy a bridge, take over forts, the lot. Lastly, the Zombies mission, The Tortured Path, will have you battling hordes of the Nazi undead, carrying the sword of Barbarossa.

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