Celeste Developer Reveals More Details About Upcoming Farewell DLC

Matt Thorson, the creator of Celeste, has released some new info about the upcoming DLC levels. Unfortunately, they won’t be coming by the game’s anniversary. There’s no release date just yet at all, in fact. That said, we did find out some interesting stuff. Like the fact there will be no strawberries. To make up for that, though, you’ll get to play with some new mechanics and items.

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Celeste Developer Reveals More Details About Upcoming Farewell DLC
Celeste Developer Reveals More Details About Upcoming Farewell DLC

The developer of last year’s hit indie platformer Celeste, Matt Thorson, took to Twitter to reveal a few more details about the game’s upcoming “farewell DLC”. In case you’ve missed it, he announced a batch of DLC levels that will be a kind of farewell to honor the overwhelmingly positive reaction to Celeste, before ending work on the game. So, let’s go over what he revealed in the tweet.

The first bit of info is that the new, hardest levels won’t be ready by January 25th, the game’s anniversary. Next, the DLC will be “one continuous chapter, no B-Side.” Also, the tweet further confirms that these levels will indeed be the hardest yet. So, all of you that are gluttons for punishment are going to get a kick out of that. There will be no strawberries in the DLC, but you can expect to see new items and mechanics. That should add a little extra zest to the new content to keep you on your toes further. Best for last: the DLC will be free on all platforms, which is damned wonderful in the current climate.

So, that’s the new info we have on the Celeste farewell levels. You’ll notice that the pretty important bit missing is the release date. Well, unfortunately, other than the fact that they won’t be out by January 25th, we don’t know anything about when the DLC is coming out. We’ll keep you posted as soon as the developer reveals when the levels are ready.

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