Change Chat Text Color & Add Emoji In Valorant

In Valorant, players have discovered that they can change text color and add emoji. This is another great option for customization that players love to experiment and have fun with in these types of games. Recently, players were able to redeem codes in Valorant. These included The Valorant Duality Player Card and Valorant Pride Cards. Now a viral Tik-Tok video has shown that players can use HTML codes to change the color of their text while playing the game. Combined with emojis and you have quite a few options to express yourselves in chat. In this Change Chat Text Color & Add Emoji In Valorant guide, we will tell you everything needed to know about changing text color in chat and how to use emojis.

Change Chat Text Color & Add Emoji In Valorant

How to Change Chat Text Color in Valorant

There are five colors that you can change the text color to: red, blue, yellow, green, and pink. Each of these requires that you input a different HTML code. For example, to get red text, you need to input the following: “<enemy>Text</>”. Instead of the “Text”, you would write whatever message you want to send. Here is the full list of all the colors that you can change the chat text to in Valorant:

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  • Red: “<enemy>Text</>”.
  • Blue: “<team>Text</>”.
  • Yellow: “<system>Text</>” or “<self>Text</>”.
  • Green: “<notification>Text</>”.
  • Pink: “<warning>Text</>” or “<whisper>Text</>”.

How to Use Emoji in Valorant Chat

To use emojis in Valorant, combine the Alt key and a number on your right keypad on your keyboard. So, for example, when you press Alt + 3 you will get a Heart Emoji. Alt + 4 will result in a spade, and so on. If you press Alt and two numbers at once (from the 10-99 range), you will get a random emoji. Thank you for reading our Change Chat Text Color & Add Emoji In Valorant guide, we know that you will have a lot of fun playing with emojis and colored text in your Valorant Chat.

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