Claybook Announcement Trailer Released, Looks Adorable

Second Order have released the announcement trailer for Claybook, the studio’s debut game. It’s a puzzle platformer set in a world entirely made of clay, and it looks adorable. Seriously, go watch it. It is the best thing you’ll see today, hands down.

claybook announcement trailer
Claybook announcement trailer

It is being made by a dev team of three – two of them worked on a bunch of the Trials games before setting off to do their own thing. A thing which turned out to be a beautiful game about playing with clay. The description on the game’s website tells us it’s a game about kids playing with the titular Claybook – like a book with carton pop-ups, but with clay instead of carton. Each chapter of the book is a separate level, and each will present different challenges – challenges you’ll solve by possessing pieces of clay and morphing them into certain shapes. The video shows off a ball, a square, a wheel, a rocket ship and a gingerbread man.

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You will be able to rewind time when you make a mistake, and it seems like it’s going to encourage experimentation. Every piece of the environment can be reshaped, so it seems like there won’t be much mistakes, just a bunch of happy accidents. The developers are planning to add multiplayer as well, although it’s unclear whether it will be coop challenges similar to the singleplayer portion, or just mucking about on a map with other clay-things. Both sound fun. They’re also working on a level editor, to let players create their own chapters, which is always commendable.

Claybook is going to be released on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One (no mention of a Switch version at this point). There’s no release date for it yet, but we’ll keep you updated. Hopefully there’s more info soon.

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