Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies DLC 3 Absolution Pack

The third DLC for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, called Absolution Pack, brings four additional maps and a brand-new zombie experience. The zombie map comes with eight new trophies/achievements. Xbox One and PC players will have time to prepare for it, as it will come out on a month earlier on the PlayStation 4.

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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies DLC 3 Absolution Pack

Attack of the Radioactive Thing Trophies & Achievements

This is the fourth zombie-themed map in the game. It is inspired by 1950’s-era monster movies. The players will be put in a place in Sanova Beach, a fictional place in California. It once again features movie director Willard Wyler. He has trapped the four protagonists on the set of his movie. The government science experiment has transformed the residents of the beach town into zombies. Horror movie icon Elvira will try to help players survive with tips and side quests, as they gain new weapons, fight bosses and more.

Soul-LessRecover the piece of the Soul KeySilver
Unpleasant DreamsCollect the piece of Soul Key as ElviraSilver
Mistress of the DarkUnlock ElviraSilver
Quarter MuncherComplete SkullhopBronze
Bait and SwitchRestore and use all traps.Bronze
Belly of the BeastEnter the bomb codes correctly on first try.Silver
MAD ProtoAssemble the M.A.D. (Modular Atomic Disintegrator)Silver
Dear DiaryListen to all of Willard’s personal recordings.Bronze

Absolution Pack Maps

Thew new DLC brings new maps, as was announced on the official site. This time around, the players will be free to roam the following maps:

  • Bermuda: A small- to medium-sized map, created around the remains of a crashed ship in a shantytown, where players can run from the fish market to the lighthouse.
  • Permafrost: A small, tight-quarters map, located in a frozen city, featuring three main lanes that go parallel to a train station, a slum, and a wrecked theater.
  • Fore: A large map, placed in an amusement park, where you can rest from the fight with a golf courses, magical forests, giant creamsicles and elevated castle walls.
  • Ember: This is a remake of Resistance from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Some of the map elements include an old town castle, lava, gallows, a torture room and more.

Due to Activision’s timed-exclusivity deal with Sony, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare third DLC Absolution Pack comes out on PlayStation 4 first, on July 6. Xbox One and PC players will have to wait one month longer to get their hands on this pack. The DLC is included in the $50 season pass, but it can also be bought separately for $15.

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