Code Vein Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Basic Attacks

There’s a new gameplay trailer for Code Vein, Bandai Namco’s upcoming action RPG. It shows off basic weapon attacks and some enemy behavior, as well as giving us a closer look at the ruined city, which is the only known environment from the game.

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code vein trailer basic attacks
Code Vein gameplay trailer

Players have already dubbed Code Vein “Anime Souls”, and even publisher Bandai Namco wasn’t coy about the fact they’re trying to cash in on the Souls craze after series creators From Software announced they won’t be making any more sequels. The game was announced with the hashtag #PrepareToDine. That being said, the latest video only enforces the notion further.

It stars off with a vista of the golden brown city, with jagged rocks protruding from the crumbled asphalt. The player runs up to an enemy wielding an axe. His attacks are sluggish and predictable, and the hero dodges them effortlessly. The player is armed with a large sword. It looks like a light weapon, but he holds it with two hands as he attacks, and the horizontal slashes are slow and devastating.

The next enemy is armed with a greatsword – a touch faster than the axe, but also packing less of a punch. The player is now using a two-handed axe which staggers the opponent on hit but takes a while to swing. Finally, we see a giant halberd in action, which is a lot faster than any weapon of that size deserves to be.

So far, so Dark Souls. At least that’s the intention, by the looks of it. It all looks a bit to clunky to deserve comparisons with From’s magnum opus, but it might just be too early to tell. Hopefully we’ll get to see more soon.

Code Vein is going to be relased on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One at some point in early 2018.

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