Code Vein Promotion Lets You Purchase the Game with Blood

Bandai Namco and the American Red Cross are partnering in a special promotion for the upcoming vampire action RPG, Code Vein. Basically, if you donate blood in a certain location in San Diego, you’ll get a copy of the game, plus some other extra stuff. Yeah, nice try, California vampires. I’m onto you. My blood is exactly where it’s supposed to be.

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Code Vein Promotion Lets You Purchase the Game with Blood
Code Vein Promotion Lets You Purchase the Game with Blood

All joking aside, I do feel like this promotion has the potential to do some good. Here are the details, are presented in the tweet embedded below. Basically, on September 27th, you can go to a clinic in San Diego and donate blood for the American Red Cross. If you do, that’s gonna earn you a free copy of Code Vein, along with a Promo Blood Kit, whatever that’s gonna entail.

Well, I say free; obviously, it’s gonna cost you blood, but that stuff regenerates. And, more importantly you’ll be doing a good deed. So, if this clinic is somewhere in your neck of the woods, go ahead and donate the blood, and get a copy of Code Vein for your trouble. There’s no downside to the deal.

Code Vein is coming out this Friday, on September 27th. Yay me for dating the article. You can pick it up on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It’s gonna serve some Dark Souls-inspired action RPG gameplay, but in a more urban post-apocalyptic setting, and with cyborg vampires. What more could you want from life? Well, some people need blood. So go ahead and donate some if you can, even if you’re not in San Diego.

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