Conan Exiles Gets Release Date Announcement Trailer

The upcoming open-world game, Conan Exiles, finally has a launch date, which was announced in a new trailer. The game will drop you into the harsh, barbaric world of Conan completely bare-handed. From there, you build yourself up, found your own city, attack and conquer others, defend your fortress against huge, mythical monsters, and more.

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Conan Exiles Gets Release Date Announcement Trailer

Have you ever wanted to be dropped into the world of Conan, and build yourself up onto a god from literally nothing? Well, starting May 8th, 2018, you’ll be able to play Conan Exiles on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It’s an open-world survival game, because we haven’t had enough of those yet. That being said, a survival game set in the Conan universe sounds kinda interesting. The announcement trailer, which you can check out below, certainly sells it. Building your own city while fighting off gigantic, mythical monsters? Could be pretty cool.

As said above, Conan Exiles will throw you into the universe with nothing to your name. You’ll have to build yourself up from the ground up, while keeping warm, drinking, eating, and gathering resources. After a while, you’ll be building your armies, waging wars against other tribes, and even become a god, if you so choose. You can play either on your own or with other players on public or private servers.

If you want to, you can already get the Limited Collector’s Edition of Conan Exiles. It includes a 6 inch (or 15 cm) figurine of Conan the Barbarian, a custom, full-color print comic book, three soundtracks, an artbook, world map, digital comic books, a digital pen-and-paper RPG book, and an eBook version of “Coming of Conan”. Sounds like a fairly good package for any Conan fan. As you’d expect, this version of the game is limited, so keep that in mind.

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