Creeper World 4 Alpha Trailer Shows Off Series' New Look

There’s a new trailer for Creeper World 4, the upcoming installment of the popular tower defense series. It shows off the game’s new look, some of the new units, and lists a bunch of features. It’s exciting times for fans of the series, as this is the first time the developers at Knuckle Cracker dip their toes in full 3D.

creeper world 4 trailer
Creeper World 4 Alpha Trailer Shows Off Series’ New Look

Creeper World is something of a phenomenon. The first game came out during the tower defense craze near the end of the last decade. The twist that separated it from the other ten million tower defense games was that the enemy wasn’t a zombie army, or a bunch of orcs, or any other cliche you could think of – it was a giant blue gunk that spread across the map following fluid dynamics laws.

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That’s right. Your enemy is an infinite quantity of Powerade. The other thing that separates it from other games in the genre is the amount of depth it offers. Instead of just having you plop down some turrets or towers that will shoot at the goo, it also has you managing an economy in the background – harvesting resources, juggling your power output and building new generators, connecting everything with power lines…

The new game goes full 3D, which will presumably bring about a more realistic fluid simulation. The last one had a random map generator, and seeing how much of a hit that was, we’re hoping this one will, too. There’s no talk of a release date yet, but there’s a Steam page, so you can wishlist Creeper World 4 if it seems like your kind of thing. There are demoes for the older games on the official site, if this is your first time hearing about them, so you can give them a spin and see how it feels.

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