Darkest Dungeon Crimson Court Coming to PC in June

Red Hook Studios have revealed the release date for The Crimson Court, the first expansion for Darkest Dungeon, their grim dungeon crawler. The PC version is going to be released on June 19th, and it’s going to be sold for $10. The Playstation version is going to come out later – the devs are hoping for a July launch on PSN.

darkest dungeon crimson court release date
Darkest Dungeon Crimson Court release date

For once, it’s not the fault of the lengthy console certification process. The developers said they’re holding the PSN version back in order to incorporate the inevitable hotfixes they’ll create for the PC version.

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Darkest Dungeon is a turn based dungeon crawler in which you lead a group of adventurers through increasingly difficult dungeons filled with monsters, loot, bosses and, most importantly, madness. Meanwhile, you expand your village between missions, to provide stress relief to your mercenaries, as well as better equipment, skill teaching and such. If we were extremely lazy (which we’re not), we’d describe it as a Lovecraftian, distilled version of XCOM.

The Crimson Court is meant to expand the game significantly, adding a new area, hero, some bosses and monsters, new village upgrades and more. Here’s a list of things that have been revealed so far:

  • A new hero class. We don’t know much about it, but the devs describe it with a single sentence: “Awash in blood and delusion, they bear the burden of a thousand lifetimes”. It’s a vampire, obviously.
  • A new wandering boss called The Fanatic. It will presumably work like The Collector, appearing randomly when you’re least prepared to deal with it. At least it won’t reward you with heads of your crew members. Hopefully. The screenshots show him wielding a large hammer and having a bonfire for some kind of support.
  • A new area called The Courtyard.
  • A new enemy faction – the courtyardians, presumably. What we’ve seen depicts them as mosquito-like vampires.
  • Four new bosses – again, courtyardians.
  • New buildings that give “permanent, estate-wide bonuses”. Not really sure what that entails, but it does sound exciting.
  • Item sets! With set bonuses! So you can mourn the loss of trinkets in a failed expedition even harder!

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