Dead Cells Gets August Release Date & New Trailer

The developers have revealed the launch date for their roguevania Dead Cells. The game is coming out in early August; on the seventh, to be exact. The game is going to come out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and the Switch.

Dead Cells Gets August Release Date & New Trailer
Dead Cells Gets August Release Date & New Trailer

If you’re a fan of roguevania games, you might want to perk your ears up for this one. Dead Cells, the highly-rated brainchild of Motion Twin, is leaving Early Access in a little less than a month. The full game will come out on August 7th, on PC (via Steam and GOG), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders are already up, and those that pre-order on consoles can get a 20% discount. If you own a Switch and are in North America, your pre-orders are going up on July 18th, so be patient.

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If you’re unfamiliar with Dead Cells, let’s get you up to speed real quick. As I’ve already pointed out in the beginning, the game is a rouge-lite Metroidvania game. On top of that, it also boasts souls-lite combat to spice things up, in the sense that enemies act in patterns that you have to figure out. And, of course, dodge and roll. In Dead Cells, you’ll be exploring a huge, procedurally-generated castle, full of bosses and minions and secret rooms for you to uncover. You’re in constant threat of permadeath, and there’s no checkpoints to help you out. One death, and you’re going directly to the beginning.

As much as that might hurt, losing all of that progress, it does open other possibilities. Each time you die, you can potentially unlock a completely different route. Just experiment with alternate paths and find what works for you. So, if Dead Cells sounds like something you might like, make sure to mark your calendar for August 7th.

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