Deep Rock Galactic Leaves The Caves of Early Access

After two long years in early access, Deep Rock Galactic has finally reached adulthood. Version 1.0 has been released less than a day ago, adorning the game with big boy pants. The developers have put together a nice new trailer to let all the newcomers see what it’s all about, and published a lengthy list of fixes, improvements and other changes for veterans to peruse.

deep rock galactic launch
Deep Rock Galactic Leaves The Caves of Early Access

In case you haven’t heard of it, Deep Rock Galactic is a four-player co-op game of mining and survival. You and up to four buddies play as space dwarves on a mission to mine space rocks and fight space spiders. The maps are procedurally generated, and pretty much everything can be destroyed with a swing of your space pickaxe. An internet wiseperson wisely aptly described it as Left 4 Dead meets Minecraft. If you want to see the thing in action, check out the launch trailer here.

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If you’ve already dipped your bearded little toes into the subterranean pond, you’ll be happy to hear there are now three new promotion tiers – they’re “mainly a show-off thing” to let others know exactly how much time you’ve spent space spelunking. After you reach rank 20, you’ll start getting prestige assignments, which will reward you with nice stuff like pickaxe parts, armor skins and helmets.

The Crystalline Caverns biome has been enriched with new variations, and they’ve also added some features requested by the community, like a golden pickaxe paintjob for the supporter pack. Head bob scaling has been improved, there’s now a separate volume control slider for mission control, as well as one for camera shake, and an option to invert the x-axis no the camera for all you weirdos out there. For the full list of changes, visit the game’s Steam community page.

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