Disco Elysium Update Lowers Minimum Spec Requirements

ZA/UM, the developers behind indie darling Disco Elysium, seem to be working really hard to make the game as playable as possible for as many people as possible. Specifically, they’ve slashed the minimum PC requirements significantly, so that gamers with weaker rigs can play the game. Also, they’re working on translating the game into several major languages.

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Disco Elysium Update Lowers Minimum Spec Requirements
Disco Elysium Update Lowers Minimum Spec Requirements

So, what are the new minimum specs you’ll need to run Disco Elysium on your PC? Well, according to the announcement, here’s they are: “Windows 7 and DirectX 11 compatible video card (integrated or dedicated with min 512MB memory), 2GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo, 20GB hard disk space.” This is quite a bit less than the previous minimum. Also, I love the fact that this update is called Working Class Update. Power to the people and our crappy rigs! The devs promise to keep optimizing “so low that we break through the crust on the other side of the planet.”

They’ve even worked on lowering the requirements for those of you that are playing on Macs. Specifically, you’ll be able to play Disco Elysium on a Mac Pro from late 2008, a MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Mini from 2009, and / or a MacBook Air from mid 2012. So, yeah; the game can now run on some fairly ancient tech, and I think that’s a lovely initiative from the developers, especially given some of the themes that the game deals with.

The same update also features other improvements, including fixing typos, animations, and more. You can check out the full patch notes in the link above. Oh, and the Disco Elysium team are working with a team of fans to translate the game into Spanish, Russian, Korean, and Portuguese-Brazilian, and with Testronic Labs to add French and German. In conclusion, I raise my glass to ZA/UM for not only making an amazing game, but also working hard to make it as accessible as possible.

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