Dungeons 3 Announced, Will Let You Roam The Surface

Kalypso and Realmforge Studios have announced Dungeons 3, following up the announcement with a gameplay trailer. This is the latest entry in their dungeon building and management series, the closest we got to a Dungeon Keeper game in almost twenty years.

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dungeons 3 announced
Dungeons 3 announced

The first game had a mild reception, while the second was more favored by both critics and players. That is to say – there are actual expectations this time around. The main selling point is that this time, you’ll get to try and conquer the surface world. It all sounds more like a standard RTS than a dungeon managing game – you’ll build up your lair and try to destroy the heroes who enter it, but you’ll also try to occupy the lands above by sending out your minions outside.

Here’s the official description:

Through enticing the dark elf priestess Thalya from the fluffy clutches of the surface world to become his chief lieutenant, the Dungeon Lord has found a way to direct his campaign of conquest from the confines of his underground lair. With Thalya on the front line, and the united forces of evil to support her, players will have to use every trick in the book to best those do-gooders of the overworld, once and for all!

You’ll have the combined forces of evil at your disposal, which includes orcs, demons and the undead. The single player campaign will consist of 20 missions, and the game will come packed with a random level generator. If that doesn’t make you stay longer, nothing will. There’s also talk of a coop mode, but we’re not sure how it will work – two players sharing a dungeon, or working towards the same goal with two different, yet allied dungeons?

Dungeons 3 is going to be released on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One during fall 2017.

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