Dusk Sells Almost 70,000 Copies According to Developers

The new retro first-person shooter, Dusk, has moved just under 70,000 copies, according to the CEO of the studio behind the game. This seems like a relatively insignificant number, even on the indie scene. The reason the number is significant is that it’s actually 69,420. This should demonstrate the mindset behind the game. Yes, it is exactly as awesome as you think.

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Dusk Sells Almost 70,000 Copies According to Developers
Dusk Sells Almost 70,000 Copies According to Developers

In a recent tweet, Dave Oshry, the CEO of New Blood Interactive, the studio behind the retro FPS Dusk, revealed that the game has sold almost 70,000 copies. Why is this number significant? Because the actual number at the time of the Tweet was 69,420 copies sold. According to Oshry, this is “as on brand” for them “as it gets.” And, indeed it is. This is, after all, an FPS where the most devastating object is a bar of soap, what more do you need?

Oshry then expanded further on the subject. According to his further tweets, Dusk has sold 8,000 pre-orders, 22,000 copies during Early Access, and 40,000 after the game launched in full. Not bad numbers, considering that the game has never yet been on sale, and is only out on one platform. Interestingly enough, there are currently around 180,000 wishlists that Dusk is on, meaning that a lot of people are presumably waiting for any kind of price drop. The numbers are certain to jump then, because that’s Steam for you, I suppose.

Dusk came out on December 10th 2018, after spending almost a year in Early Access. Currently, it’s only available through Steam. However, there are plans for the shooter to come out on other platforms in the future. If you want to read about our thoughts on the game, head over to our article titled Retro FPS Dusk Is Out Now – Don’t Drop The Soap. And, if you’re having trouble finding the ever-important soap in Episode 1, feel free to check out our Soap Locations Episode 1: The Foothills guide.

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