Elder Scrolls Blades Takes Franchise To Phones, Even in Portrait Mode

You’ll soon be able to play Elder Scrolls on your phone. Bethesda has revealed the new game from the franchise, simply titled Blades, which will come out on Android and iOS devices. There will be several game modes, from dungeon-crawling across dueling with other players to building your town. Pre-registering is up now if you want early access when it becomes available.

Elder Scrolls Blades Takes Franchise To Phones, Even in Portrait Mode
Elder Scrolls Blades Takes Franchise To Phones, Even in Portrait Mode

I’m not sure how many people have been clamoring for Elder Scrolls on the go. Probably many, considering that we have Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch. If you don’t own a Switch, however, despair not, because Bethesda has your back. During their presentation at E3 2018, they’ve announced that they’re bringing the series to Android and iOS with the new title, Elder Scrolls Blades. True, is not exactly Skyrim; it’s more like a re-imagining of Elder Scrolls dressed down for mobile devices. Still, though, it’s on your phone, which is still something.

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There will be three different modes in Elder Scrolls Blades. The first one is Abyss, where you’ll have to fight your way through a dungeon before you die, in the spirit of roguelike games. The second one is Arena, a mode in which you duel against other players. Lastly, there’s the mode by the name of Town. The setup is, your town has been destroyed in the interim of you being exiled. Now, you have to rebuild it; yes, Elder Scrolls Blades has a town-building modes. The more you build, the more NPCs you unlock, which will then give you quests to complete. Oh, and other players will be able to visit your town, and you theirs.

As for gameplay, it seems that they’ve managed to make it pretty simple. You can tap the screen to move to the selected spot, or use the on-screen joysticks. As far as combat goes, you can either swing your weapon by swiping across the screen or tapping the screen to swing the weapon. Seems effective enough. And, of course, you’ll be able to make your own character, switch around armor, and so on. Oh, and lest we forget, you’ll be able to play in portrait mode. If this sounds like something you want, you can pre-register for early access on the official website.

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