Escape from Tarkov Closed Beta Testing is Live, Includes New Location

Escape from Tarkov, a realism-focused FPS/MMO game from developer Battlestate Games, has entered closed beta testing. Owners of the early access packages are eligible for access. According to the developers, the invites will be sent in waves. The users who bought their early access copies will be invited first. In the first seven days, starting July 27, every package owner will receive an invitation email.

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The guaranteed access to closed beta is available for all pre-order editions of the game. The least expensive standard edition costs $45. There are three more, with the most pricey one costing $140. It is the only one that features a season pass.

Escape From Tarkov Closed Beta Features

  • The first part of the largest of game locations – Shoreline, it is characterized by a noticeably larger size than any other Tarkov locations. Its territory houses a partially abandoned village, modern private housing, and fields, long shoreline with a boating facility, gas station, weather station, cellular base station and other interesting places. Its main point of interest is the large “Azure Coast” health resort, consisting of several buildings with its own hydroelectric power plant. The main exit from the map will be located next to the main Russian Armed Forces checkpoint at the Port entrance.
  • Reworked balance of existing locations and new spots to explore
  • More useful items, medicines and equipment – The CBT will feature a new Merchant named Peacemaker from whom players will be able to purchase western weapons and gear, new barter loot, medicine and additional useful items for players to buy, sell and trade. Economic balancing means items will be made available in marketplaces for barter and in loot drops based on their popularity and rarity within the economics system.
  • Advanced arsenal of weapons and weapon modifications – New weapon customization parts and ammunition types, also the addition of the modern-classic MP5 submachine gun offer players even more customizability.
  • Balanced economy and insurance system – For a small amount of in-game currency, it is possible to ensure the weapons and equipment, increasing the chances of retaining it.
  • General Chat – Chat channels to all players online in the game allowing players to share useful information and assemble for the raids.

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