F1 22 Champions Edition & Pre-order Content Missing

Don’t know where to find F1 22 Champions Edition DLC content? The early access launch of F1 22 is now live for everyone who has purchased the Champions Edition of the game. Among other benefits, the Champions Edition owners will have a chance to play the game three days earlier. However, there are some other bonuses, like 18,000 PitCoin, exclusive My Team icons, and more. If this F1 22 Champions Edition content is missing for you, here’s what we know about this issue.

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F1 22 Champions Edition & Pre-order Content Missing

Champions Edition Content Missing F1 22

All players who have pre-purchased the F1 22 Champions Edition should receive the following content:

  • 3 days Early Access
  • New My Team Icons
  • 2 Drivable Safety Cars, available only in Time Trial Mode: Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Safety Car and Aston Martin Vantage Safety Car
  • 18,000 PitCoin
  • F1 Life Starter Pack: Make your space your own with items such as furniture including wall art, and a player t-shirt.
  • F1 22 New Era Content: Car livery, Suit, Helmet, Cap, T-shirt (for F1® Life) inspired by the stunning Official Formula 1 2022 New Era car.

However, a number of players are currently reporting that they haven’t received the bonus content in-game, asides from that 3-day early access bonus. And to be perfectly frank with you, for now, it seems that there is no solution to this problem. There have been reports that the content is missing on all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox, and EA Play Pro.

For these players, DLC content appears as owned in their respective stores, but they haven’t received it in-game. None of the standard solutions appears to work currently, like restarting or reinstalling the game. The good news is that EA is aware of these issues and is actively working on fixing them. Here’s a message from a community manager that goes by the name Kent:

“Thanks for reaching out about this. We’re looking into the issues with missing Champion’s Edition and pre-order content that have been happening on some platforms,” he wrote. “Right now we don’t have a time frame for when it may be fixed, but we appreciate your patience while we’re investigating.”

So, if you are missing your pre-order and Champions Edition bonuses, there’s no need to panic for now. However, we will have to wait for the problem to be fixed. We will update the article as soon as there’s new information about the issue.

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    Daniel Jakushokas

    Thanks so much. I’m not panicking anymore!! 🤪

  2. A

    Has there been any update on this problem yet? I pre-ordered from amazon and haven’t received my perks either.

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