Fall Guys Developers Tuning Cheater Detection Criteria

The developers of Fall Guys have been, according to their words, “tuning” their cheater detection criteria. Apparently, that has led to a “large drop in cheaters.” So, there might not be any more reason to report anyone you catch red-handed to the developers directly. Hopefully, the effort of the devs will be enough to remove all the hackers that are ruining Fall Guys for everyone else. I certainly hope so.

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fall guys developers tuning cheater detection criteria
Fall Guys Developers Tuning Cheater Detection Criteria

Fall Guys might be an adorable, brightly-colored race between cutely-dressed tic tacs, but let’s be real here: it’s one cutthroat game. In fact, I’d be hard-pressed to think of a game that embodies the brutality of human nature more. Nothing makes you doubt the future of the species as much as being a step away from the goal, only to have some camper pick you up and fling you off the stage. I’m sorry, I got carried away there.

Anyway, Fall Guys being what it is, there are inevitably going to be cheaters. Since launch, developers have been relying on players to report individual people. However, according to a recent tweet, that might not be necessary any longer. Said tweet reads: “It’s now no longer necessary to report individual cheaters, since we’ve been tuning our detection criteria we’ve noticed a large drop in cheaters – getting better!” That is… not very specific, but I suppose we can take their word for it.

Now, personally, I think it’s a good idea to keep reporting individuals that you catch cheating, just in case. Due to the obvious battle royale premise of the game, cheaters make the whole thing completely pointless and just ruin the experience for everyone. So, do your civic duty and snitch on such individuals. And don’t stand at the finish line just to block people!

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