Friday the 13th Bringing Free DLC as Apology for Server Issues

Developers of the Friday the 13th game are preparing a free DLC package as an apology to players for the server issues and other problems. It’s their way of saying thank-you to the community that stuck with the game. It includes new counselor outfits, free Customization Points, a Double XP Weekend and the Retro Jason skin. The DLC drops on June 20th.

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Friday the 13th Bringing Free DLC as Apology for Server Issues
Friday the 13th Bringing Free DLC as Apology for Server Issues

The launch of the Friday the 13th game was a bit of an ordeal for players and developers alike. The game was riddled with bugs, and server issues were rampant. Gun Media and Illfonic have been working super hard to fix the game up, but gamers were still left with a bit of a bitter taste in their mouth. To apologize to their fans, the developers have decided to release a free update on June 20th, featuring new outfits and skins, as well as free Customization points and more.

In an announcement on Steam, they acknowledged the many problems the game has had. They also thank their fans for sticking with the game through the many trials and tribulations. Here’s and excerpt from the post:

We have a lot planned to continue this trend, but we hope this first one will be interesting to you as we move towards more and more for this game.

Our thanks to the community for their support, their feedback, their concern and their suggestions. This has been a rocky release, to be frank. Our team is looking forward to the future to get more features, more content, more updates rolling at a quick pace and we hope you enjoy!

Below, you can find the list of stuff that the free DLC will bring to the game. Players will certainly be happy about the content they’ll get. Hopefully, it will be enough to get spirits back up.

  • Two new outfits for each counselor
  • 13.000 free Customization Points
  • Double XP Weekend from June 23rd to June 25th
  • Free Retro Jason skin from the infamous NES game, including the original Chiptune track by Mitch Murder

For those that don’t know, Retro Jason is a reference to the 1989 game by LJN. It has become notorious as a truly horrible game, making pretty much every list of worst games of all time. However, because it’s so awful, it has become something of a cult classic, much like Troll 2 in the world of movies. So, it only makes sense they’d reference it here. You can see it in action below, as well as some of the new counselor outfits.

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