Friday The 13th Kill Jason - Players Already Figured Out A Way

Friday The 13th: The Game allows you and a group of friends team up against Jason Vorhees, one of horror movies’ most famous antagonists. Apparently, he’s as difficult to deal with in the game as he is in the films. Most players are wondering how to kill Jason in Friday the 13th. There is a way, and persistent fans have already discovered it, a mere day after the full game’s release.

how to kill jason friday 13th game
How to kill Jason in Friday The 13th: The Game

How to kill Jason in Friday the 13th

Here’s the whole process:

  1. Have one player die or escape.
  2. Go to the building with the red and white radio tower next to it. Use the radio inside to call Tommy Jarvis. The dead player will appear as him.
  3. Use a female character to go to Jason’s shack (the one where he starts the game) and get his mother’s sweater from the creepy shrine. Don’t linger – Jason will be notified when you take the sweater.
  4. You can now try to fight him. You need to get his mask off by hitting him in the face – players report the machete works great.
  5. Once he drops the mask, take it and give it to Tommy Jarvis, along with a machete.
  6. Use the sweater with the female character to confuse Jason and stop him from attacking.
  7. While he’s confused, hit him on the head with a heavy weapon, so that he drops to his knees. The baseball bat works best, but you can also use a tree branch, wooden plank, cooking pot or frying pan.
  8. Approach with Tommy and finish him off with the machete.

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As you can see, it’s easy to miss a step and fail the entire endeavor. It’s amazing just how quickly people managed to figure this one – that’s dedication for you.

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